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Hotel Sun Village Resort

Winner of a National Tourism Award, the Sun Village, India's only Four Star All-inclusive Resort is set amongst lakes and hills and next door to the happening Baga Beach with its Open Air Discos, The Flea Market, Beer Gardens and other popular haunts. The Sun Village Resort is on the slopes of the Arpora hills overlooking picturesque saltpans (lake) and green paddy fields. A stay at the Sun Village Resort of Goa is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Location : Arpora, north Goa
55 km from airport, 18 km from Panaji, close to Baga

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Staying at Hotel Sun Village Resort, Goa

The Resort Sun Village has 135 rooms. All the rooms have been furnished and decorated very tastefully with Teakwood and Wrought Iron furniture and Imaginative Granite and ceramic tiles are used in all the rooms for the flooring.

The rooms are air-conditioned and have full-length curtains made out of best quality Indian fabrics. Beds, sofas, full-length mirrors, wardrobes, writing cum dressing tables and luggage racks have been provided in each room.And all the rooms have attached bathrooms with separate shower areas and WC's along with a shaving socket of 220 volts. Each Bathroom in Sun Village is modern in design and equipped with highest quality fittings and fixtures. 24 hours service of hot and cold water is available throughout the hotel. The floors and walls of the bathroom are covered with glazed ceramic spartex tiles.

Each bathroom has adequate space for storage of linen, shower cap, shampoo bottles, soap cakes, shower gel, toilet paper, moisturizing lotion, ashtrays and all other amenities necessary in a bathroom.

Dining at Hotel Sun Village Resort, Goa

This is an exclusive Buffet Restaurant, which allows for both indoor and outdoor seating. The décor is bright and airy. It serves only buffet and is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. There is an International cuisine with a wide variety of dishes to please all tastes.

Air Conditioned Indoor Restaurant with Aztec theme/decor. Serves Mexican, Continental and Indian cuisine. A-la-carte menu with waiter service.

Exclusive air-conditioned Pub open only at night. Available on the menu is an array of cocktails, wines and liquors. For entertainment, it also has a Pool Table. Cocktail, Mocktail, straight drinks available. Pool table available on nominal payment.

Open-air restaurant. Where we serve mouth watering and sizzling food straight from the tandoor and grill. Open thrice a week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Facilities at Hotel Sun Village Resort, Goa
The Sun Village Resort boats of a well-equipped Conference hall. While at the Sun Village resort you may enjoy the facilities like swimming pool with kiddies section, Shopping Arcade, Health Club, Beauty Parlor and the Ayurgreen Ayurvedic Center.

Recreational Services at Hotel Sun Village Resort, Goa
For activities around Sun Village there are the Mapusa market, Anjuna Flea Market and the Club Cubana.

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Mapusa Market: Even before the advent of roadways, Mapusa has been the market hub of North Goa. It's location as the nexus of all overland routes in Bardez taluka and its proximity to the Rio de Mapusa, (the Mapusa River, which in ancient times was a popular waterway used in the transport of agricultural products and spices) has enabled the town to develop its commercial reputation since time immemorial. The first mention of the Mapusa market was in 1580 by a Dutch Chronicler, who even described it as the "Bazaar Grande". The town's name evolved from the Konkani words "maap" meaning 'volumes of measure' and "Sa" meaning 'to fill'. The popularity of Mapusa as a market center grew out of ancient festivals in honour of the God Kanakeshwar Baba, venerated at the Bodgeshwar Temple. The festivals attracted large crowds seeking to fulfill their individual wishes, which needed pots and oil lamps as offerings to propitiate the Gods. Both Mapusa's location at the hub of commercial activity and its proximity to a place of religious pilgrimage have caused the Mapusa market to grow to its current size and scope. Today's market is as authentic and lively as ever, and a walk through gives the visitor a taste of the 'essence' of the land of Goa. Here women from the surrounding villages gather to sell their wares, fighting for a space in the shade of a building, under an overhang, or if all else fails, beneath the shade of a hand-held umbrella. Goan customers prefer to buy their foodstuffs fresh every few days, thus the Mapusa Market has an abundance of fresh fish, a variety of locally produced vegetables, and exotic fruits from jack fruit and mangoes to plantain bananas. Pickles and preserves, spices, earthen pots, coir mats, and the famous Goan 'chouricos' (sausages) are also found in abundance. Those shopping for special occasions find no dearth of saree and sweet shops, as well as tailors and goldsmiths. In fact, all that Goans need in their everyday lives can be found in Mapusa on fridays. In recent years new shops have come in tailored to the backpackers and the charter tourists. Thus in the entrance of the market one finds several stalls selling trinkets and other articles often picked up by foreign travellers as souvenirs. But don't be fooled! Behind the tourist stalls is an authentic market full of activity and life, which offers a unique window into the lives of locals and shouldn't be missed by anyone stopping in to visit Goa!

Anjuna Flea Market:
Located in the heart of the 'backpackers' scene, the Anjuna flea market is the place to be on Wednesday's in Goa. A beach town situated off the North of Goa, Anjuna became the hideout for Western 'hippies' arriving in the 60's. Finding their wallets empty but wanting to stay longer, these early travellers auctioned off their belongings from guitars to jewellery and jeans to their compatriots. Thus began the infamous 'flea' market at Anjuna. Located on the sandy stretch overlooking the waves of the Arabian sea, what started as an open-air hippie exchange has become one of the most popular attractions for backpackers and tourists alike. And though a relatively new phenomena unlike the antiquity of the Mapusa market, the Flea market has a unique style and rhythm all its own. At today's Market, which during the peak season (October-April) covers almost the entire stretch of beach, one finds only a few Western residents and long-staying travellers on the selling side of the fence. The majority come to observe and buy, while the hawkers hail from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and the semi-nomadic Lamani tribe in Karnataka. The latter make up the largest majority, selling thick silver jewellery, richly dyed fabrics, and trinkets from all over India. They have a unique style of dress and culture all their own, and live on the fringes of Goan society much like the long-staying travellers who reside in Anjuna and frequent the market. The Lamanis are the best sellers too, as any traveller who has been led by the hand across the market to be shown a display of wares will attest! The Flea market, which begins around 9am and shuts down only with the setting of the sun, is a unique experience, which the visitor in Goa shouldn't miss. Few traces though within the Flea market of Goan life pleasant and culture are visible, it's lively and often-amusing scenes make for a afternoon has and one can still find here traces of the Anjuna 'Hippie hide-a-way' which become a legend to these parts.

Club Cubana:
Club Cubana, the nightclub in the sky is once again open for the season. Club Cubana is situated in Arpora, a 3-minute drive from Sun Village. On arriving at the bottom of the hill, the journey continues with either a climb through the forest, alternately the Club provides a jeep drive up to the Club. Overlooking palm trees, sparkling lights of the village and the sea in the horizon make for a spectacular view. The dance floor is large with a very high ceiling and has a stairway and viewing gallery. The latest club music spun by reputed DJ's from the world over and acoustics that place the music in your soul keep the dance floor rocking unto the early morning hours. From the tandoor and the pizza section mouth-watering snacks are made available throughout the night. A 30-foot bar and a gamut range of beverages including a large list of excellent wines and cocktails make us the best bar in town. An all night swimming pool and the bikini-bar remind you that you are on holiday and having fun.

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